From the Fans

Friends, our humble site gets thousands of letters each month from fans all over the world. Each one expressing how much fun and laughter they’ve had here. Some folks even send us photos and gags they’ve created at Sarah’s expense. Below are some recent favorites we hope you’ll enjoy. A big shout out to all the creative people who have taken the time to write us. God Bless.

Sent in by Shirley Markowitz, New York

Ms. Parker scares the b'jesus out of this child.

Sarah scares the b’jesus out of Billy. Submitted by Billy’s Mom.

Ms. Parker spoils the birthday.

Ms. Parker spoils the birthday. Thanks to Schecky Z. of Boca Raton.



Ms. Parker reads a book.

Ms. Parker reads a book.

Sarah sneaks a kiss! From Stephen of Manhattan

Thanks to Miranda C.

Thanks to Damian W. for this one.

Created by Ben S.

Sent in by Mel Finkelstein of Port Washington, NY

Greatest Poster Arrangement Ever? Send in by Mark from NYC

From fan Rodney M. of Chicago, IL

The secret to Sarah’s beauty!


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