Whoa, girl! We’ve become an over-night media sensation! Within just 48 hours of launching, this site has been seen by billions of unique visitors worldwide…and growing! Even during our slowest hours, we’ve been hit with almost 680,000 page views a day! (That’s more than the amount of suckers who shelled out $12 bucks to see Sarah’s film on it’s opening weekend.) Snap!

SJPLLAH has been featured on various morning drive time shock jock shows including XM radio’s Opie and Anthony Show, KROQ’s Kevin and Bean Show, The Tom Leykis Show and as far away as 98FM’s Dermot, Dave & Siobhan morning crew show in Dublin, Ireland! (No kidding.)

And, SJPLLAH has been heavily reported on in a variety of international newspapers including New York’s Newsday and London’s The Guardian.

Clearly, this is all a big fat joke. A spoof. A gag. A lampoon. Heck, even Ms. Sarah Jessica Parker knows this is a goofy parody. (She graciously wrote to thank us for helping raise awareness of her hit movie.)

A sincere thanks to all the millions of bloggers who took the time to mention us. We stopped counting after about the 400th blog report there’s just so darn many. We’re especially thankful to the folks at DListed and of course, Perez Hilton for mentioning us. Holla!

Or, in the words of poor Ms. Parker, Whinnnnney!

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